Mothers and Mentors

Cindy VanAllen, Sandy Harrington and Andrea White, Mentors

Mothers & Mentors 

Infants to 4 years of age.
We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better
About MOPS
Sometimes we need a wise woman who has been there and done that to bounce
ideas off of. That’s why we love our MOPS Mentors, they have sage advice and
willing ears.
Honest Conversation
Real talk is liberating. It frees us from assumptions that we are alone in our
struggles. We value taking a risk and sharing your story in order to heal someone
else from their isolation.
Relevant Teaching
Really, who needs another tutorial on how to make crepe paper flowers? What we
provide is mommy friends who get you, hope-filled insight, and speakers who
know we’ve only had three hours of uninterrupted sleep last night so they better
keep it interesting.
Creative Activities
Create, imagine, and actually finish a project. We occasionally like to have
something “pinteresty” (Yes, that is a made up word. Work with me here.) to make
at our meetings. We all need a little time to indulge in a creative endeavor.
Look, we all love our kids, but let’s be honest: a little break now and then makes us
want to be with them even more. We provide free child care for your kiddos that
they will love going back to.
What to Expect at Your First Meeting
Coffee, coffee, coffee!
We begin each meeting with coffee, tea, juice and muffins/coffee cake, and
catching up with one another.
Practical Help                         

Need some inspiration? At every meeting there will be a speaker or video that
gives practical tools and insight into the specific things that are important to you.
Meet a MOPS Mentor who has been through it all and has great advice and a
willing ear.
Time to Chat
We moms need each other. At each meeting there will be time to get to know other
moms in an accepting small group atmosphere.
You’ll Get Crafty
We like to try new things and be creative. Many groups incorporate a fun craft time
into their meeting agenda.

For more information, please contact the church office at 518-725-9611