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Foothills UMC appears in national United Methodist News Wire

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Pastor's Corner - Sept./Oct.

A successful man was asked the secret of his accomplishments.  His reply was "Good judgment!"  "Where did you learn good judgment?" he was asked.  "From experience."  "And from where did you gain your experience?"  "Poor judgment!"  What an ironical but right answer!  If anyone wishes to end up their life with success, they need to keep this proverb in mind, particularly, in failure.   
Even if the beginning of one's life is a series of failure and frustration, if God certainly lives in his heart, working with him, the most glorious part and delightful experience will be surely kept until the last chapter of his life.  The Bible says in Job 8:6, "If you are pure and upright, surely then He will rouse himself for you and reward you with a rightful habitation. And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be great!" 
Let's notice the sequence!  The true prosperity, success, and achievement are the things we can hardly grasp in the beginning stage of life. They will be the precious rewards God allows us to enjoy in the final course of our race of life. And, the true success or victory is found in the life of a runner who can dash to the final lap of race with his best and end up his race in joy and honor.
Now we turn and we do so very gladly, to the energies and activities of our Lord Jesus.  Over this past year Insouk and I’ve been feeling pretty positive you all belonging to the community of faith in Foothills UMC. Your hearts are filled with zeal for Christ Jesus and to serve our neighbors in need of his love.  I see the string of your hearts tuned to God in our Sunday worship and also the endless list of our local and global mission activities during weekdays through various small groups. 
As I’ve mentioned before Sunday morning, the best wine is kept until the end in your walk of faith wherever our Lord Jesus is working in your life.  No matter what motive has made you join in our community of faith, when I see a great number of our Foothills church people serving the Lord with enthusiasm, it seems guaranteed for them to experience the most delightful and glorious moment which God has preserved yet not revealed until the end of their Christian pilgrimage.   
As many of you do, I personally believe the paramount places in great music would be conceded by most to "Hallelujah" of Handel's Messiah and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.  This last concluded with that magnificent choral ode to "Joy, Thou Heavenly Spark of Godhead," which to many of us represents the ultimate height which voices and orchestra can attain.  The same is true of the sequence of all human history masterfully arranged by our God whom we worship. 

It’s inevitable to see the concluding part of all panoramic human history highlightened by the joyful and glorious sound of God’s people in the very last book of the Bible – the Book of Revelation.  That is a big different sequence between Christ and Devil.   Devil's tomorrow is worse than his today.  But the morrow of Christ Jesus for every believer is always better and brighter than his/her yesterday.  
How many homes are there these days that know too well - everything is gradually becoming worse rather than better as time goes by?  It is not unusual for people to experience their courtesy, joy, and excitement of its beginning gradually fading away.  Nevertheless, in order to taste the best wine at the end of the banquet of life we Christians necessarily rearrange the program of the party in God’s order. That means no matter how difficult, bitter and hopeless our current life may look, we should remember that God preserves the best wine for you and me to taste at the end of our journey of life. 
Jesus gave the newly-wed couple the best wine at the right time which has led their feast to the wonderful finale.  The same Jesus is now standing at the door of your heart.  He wants to change the atmosphere of your feast, too, by making the same miracle.  He wants to transform something from water into wine; something from the tasteless life to the tasteful; something from failure to victory. Therefore, have such a faith and apply it to your personal life from now on with your sincere heart and prayers!  And put our problems in his mighty hands.  He will surely rouse himself to make our life the most joyful and successful at the end. 
Rev. Moon Ho Kim

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