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2016 Advent Sermon Titles

11/27 – 1st Sunday of Advent – “We Are a People of Hope” – The Scripture Reading is taken from Romans 13: 11-14 Please click here to view the Scripture Reading

12/04 – 2nd Sunday of Advent – “We Are a People of Justice” – The Scripture Reading is taken from Romans 15: 1-13 Please click here to view the Scripture Reading

12/11 – 3rd Sunday of Advent – Please join us on Sunday, December 11th during our 10:30 a.m. Worship Service, as our Chancel Choir presents the Cantata entitled “I Hear the Prophet Callin’  The Christmas Story from Prophecy to Fulfillment” by Pepper Chopin. Pastor Ed Hackett, Jr. will be our narrator. Please note that were will be no 9:00 a.m. Praise Worship Service that day.  Come and hear the angelic voices of our choir.

12/18 – 4th Sunday of Advent – “Our God Has Rescued Us” – during Children’s Time, our Sunday school children will present their Christmas Pageant.  The Scripture Reading is taken from Colossians 1: 9-14 Please click here to view the Scripture Reading

12/24 – Christmas Eve – Please join us at 7:00 p.m. for our Family Candlelight Christmas Eve Service – “Immanuel Means – God With Us” – The Scripture Reading is taken from Isaiah 9: 2-7  Please click here to view the Scripture Reading

12/25 – Christmas Sunday – Please note that there will be no 9:00 a.m. Praise Worship Service that day and you are invited to join us at our 10:30 a.m. Worship Service – “The Word Became Flesh” – The Scripture Reading is taken from John 1: 1-14 Please click here to view the Scripture Reading

Pastor Ed's November Sermon Series


How To Live A Life With No Regrets

11/06 “Living In The Zone”  (1 Peter 4:7-11) Three steps for Christians who want to use their talents for things that really last.

11/13 “Living A Life With No Regrets” (Mark 10:17-31) How to make the life we live really count.

11/20 “The End Is A New Beginning” (Acts 1:1-14) God has a plan and is working that plan for our best and the best of all.




Change Is In The Air

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Change is the air, change is coming! Although the colors of autumn are brilliant and are yet to reach their peak in some places, it won’t be long before the incredible rich and beautiful colors that we have been blessed with are muted, the trees are bare, and the warm summer breeze turns to a bone chilling wind. Change is in he air, change is coming! We can try to ignore it and even resist it, but in the end it’s coming. The older that we get the less we like or want things to change. Change, however, can be good for us because it provides us with the opportunities to appreciate what we have been given by being thankful and to prepare ourselves to embrace that which will be offered to us in the near future.

        By the time that you read these words, the incredible, brilliant colors of autumn will be a memory, yet I hope that you have taken a moment to pause and give thanks to God for the awesome beauty that our God has created for us to enjoy. As we do, hopefully we realize as well, that God invites us to embrace change knowing that it offers us opportunities to experience things that we would not have if we weren’t willing to be open and willing to try them.
     In the Northeast, we have four seasons, summer, autumn or fall, winter, and spring. In the Church we also have seasons, Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Kingdomtide. Each of these seasons, whether regarding our environment, or our faith, offer to us opportunities to experience new things and to grow as we navigate the situations and circumstance that we find ourselves in as we do life together during them. These seasons help us also to frame things, to view our lives in shorter segments so that we may be able to focus our attention, our time, our energy, our gifts and resources in ways that benefit others, us and serve God.

     As we close out the final season in the Church calendar, Kingdomtide (May 15-November 20), we will focus our attention on God’s invitation for us to support the mission and ministries of our FUMC family with the focus of our worship times encouraging us “How to live our lives with no  regrets.”

God invites  us to live life to the fullest as disciples of His Son, Jesus. We’ll explore in this series how our faith in God can empower and equip us to serve God more fully.

      As we enter the first season in the Church calendar, Advent, (November 27-December 24), our worship times will focus on God’s coming (past, present and future) into our world and the hope, joy, love, presence and power that God offers to us as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ on Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25). (For more details on these two sermon series see the article provided later in this newsletter.)

       As we change from the seasons of fall into winter and from Kingdomtide into Advent, it is my hope and prayer that we’ll see change as something that can be positive, as a vehicle that God uses to help us to see not just what God has given to us and be thankful for it, but more importantly, how can we use what we are given to serve God and others in order to make God’s Kingdom a greater reality.

Seeking to encourage you so that we may together be equipped to empower to love and live like Jesus and make God’s Kingdom our priority.

                                                                                        Pastor Ed